4 Macro Trends for Menswear 2019 and 2020

According to UBM - the 4 major trends for MENSWEAR are

    Kindred - Composite - Arcadia - Lair

      Kindred - similar in kind or of relations / cozy, regionalism

      Color Palette:

      Textures Include:

      • irregular knits
      • quilted woolens
      • classic suiting fabrics

      Design details:
        • Tailored piecing's
        • Fly away threads
        • Quilted Applique
          Key Items:
            • overcoats
            • suit pants
            • station suit (looks like a blazer)
            • provisions shirt (dress shirt looking)
            • sweaters (with irregular stitching)
            • short scarf
            • driver cap
            • leather “classic” belt
            • casual work boot/shoes

              Arcadia - vision of harmony with nature and splendor. Imagine a garden with shepherds / futurism, modern, Iceland

              Color Palette: 

              Textures include:

              • nylon
              • bonded techno
              • honeycomb textures
                Design details:
                      • reflective taping
                      • bonded seams
                      • marble
                      • retro graphics
                      • supernatural terrain

                              Key items:

                              • sweaters with futuristic designs
                              • prints that look like shiny material
                              • lots of play with design

                              Composite - made up of various parts or elements / visual contrasts, industrial

                              Color Palette: 

                              Textures include:

                                • engineered knits
                                • satin polyester
                                • painted leather with

                                  Details include:

                                    • marbled collars,
                                    • heat transfer applique
                                    • cut vents

                                      Graphics are: 

                                        • abstract body parts
                                        • twisted terrazzo
                                        • spontaneous black


                                          Key Items:
                                          • odd cuts - some dress shirts or blazers seem just a little too long or a little too short but the way it’s worn compliments the way it’s cut.
                                          • Pop of color and contrasts in looks with bold statement parts and then very subtle parts in other areas.

                                          Lair - secret or private place in which people seek seclusion OR while animals resting place / dark luxury, members only club

                                          Color Palette: 

                                          Textures include:

                                          • lightweight leather
                                          • crepe suiting
                                          • printed silk shirtlings

                                          Design details:

                                          • members only patches
                                          • undone embroidery
                                          • stamped thoughts

                                          Key items: 

                                          • trench coats (big buttons),
                                          • cutout sweaters
                                          • velvet suits
                                          • silk dress shirts with prints
                                          • updown pants
                                          • a lot of bougie looking clothing