SUM Styled Box VS. SUM IT UP - What is the difference?

SUM Styled Box VS. SUM IT UP - What is the difference?

SUM Style Co provides various products that make shopping stress free and styled just for you. These two special features each include garments sent to you at no cost, with return shipping prepaid. Send back what don't love and only pay for what you keep.


SUM Styled Boxes are a subscription based style by mail service. Clients pay $55 for a box of garments that are shopped personally for them from Shop Sum Style, local boutiques, and retailers. Each item is under $55. Clients try them on at home and send back what they don't want to buy in our prepaid return box.



SUM IT UP is a feature for people purchasing garments online at When you SUM IT UP, you choose a desired look and the number of extra garments. The extra garments will ship with your purchase at no cost. Try them on at home, send back what you don't love in prepaid return box, only pay for what you keep.

How often can I get them?

Our clients have different agreements for the frequency and size of their Sum Styled Box. You can receive the box monthly, and it can have up to 7 garments. The SUM IT UP feature can be used every time you purchase something from

How is this different from SUM IT UP?

SUM IT UP is a one time feature for people purchasing a garment on Shop Sum Style - our online apparel store. When you add the Sum It Up item to your cart, we send additional garments with your order based on yor style preference. It works similar to a Sum Styled Box because return shipping is prepaid and you only pay for what you keep. It is different because there is no $55 service charge, but you must be purchasing an item from Shop Sum Style.

Which option is best for me?

If you want to start with expert personal styling services, sign up for the Sum Styled Box. Your box comes with a free style consultation where we can learn about your goals and preferences. If you already see garments you love on Shop Sum Style, then go with the SUM IT UP feature!

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