Sum News - Sum Style Co’s founder Susan Kim as Seattle Refined Artist of the Week

In 2018, Seattle Refined - a food, fashion, home, and lifestyle site - profiled SUM Style founder Susan Kim for their "Artist of the Week".

Read some excerpts on our blog here, and check out the full profile on Seattle Refined.

"How does styling and fashion count as art?

To me, styling and fashion is one of the most powerful forms of art. It’s easy to generalize art as grand canvases and/or geometric sculptures but fashion is a daily form of art people create. It’s one of the most precise and powerful ways on how human beings express and create visual expressions." .

What fashion icons do you have/who inspired you when you were young?

Princess Diana was and is still one of my all time favorite style icons. Her poise, elegance, and her bold choices in cuts, prints, fabrics, and accessories like wide brim fedoras, gloves, and belts is still what inspires me. Another style icon that is contrasting from Princess Diana is Gwen Stefani. Her current style is breathtaking but her edgy chic style in the 90’s energized me. Her mix of classic elements of punk and feminine empowerment is still what drives me to be adventurous with my style.

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"Tell us about where the inspiration for your styling comes from.

I get a lot of my inspiration from fashion magazines, publications, and influences like Vogue, Elle, WWD, SongOfStyle, and ChrislleLim but my personal inspiration for my style is highly influenced by my mood. I choose the garments I style and wear with a lot of thought and I use fashion as a tool to present myself the best way I can for the day. If I’m feeling overworked and stressed, I choose a vibrant color story and contrasting textures like pleather, velour, and vinyl to uplift my emotions. As for my clients, my client’s life story and their journey to wanting to improve their style deeply inspires me. Every consultation with a client allows me to see visual imagery of colors, textures, moods, and various styles to help express the best version of them. I’ve also been heavily inspired by the breathtaking nature ever since my move to Seattle. The four seasons, the contrasting weather, and even the thickness of the air helps me to feel the fabrication and see the colors of garments in a different way. The four seasons here in the beautiful PNW also help with my creativity with being versatile with spring/summer pieces and layering them and being as creative as possible to recreate them as interchangeable pieces for the fall/winter. We are all very fortunate to reside in such a pure, innovative, and beautiful city like Seattle and I am continually inspired and in awe every day!"

Susan's Picks:

Khaki Overcoat

Navy Trench Coat

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