January 2019 Wavespotting - Milan Menswear - Gemma Chan - Fashion as Art

Milan Designs in Menswear

During the Milan Fashion Week, menswear collections featured shiny and sheer textiles, lace, scoop necks, and even sequined garments.

Dell’Acqua’s Sailor...

...wears tight-fitting, scoop-necked ribbed T-shirts with glazed poplin trousers that mimic leather and slings a duffle bag over his shoulder. A peach lace shirt was paired with tan trousers, a tuxedo jacket with a tank top. The designer maintained an edge with the silver detailing on duffle coats and the O-rings fastening a chain around the neck.

Fendi, on the other hand...

wanted to appeal more to streetwear and dressing more formally. Designed with input from Karl Lagerfeld, there were sheer collared shirts, shiny materials with metallic accents on knitwear, and stellar shoes to complete the look. Often the lip on the sole would be an accented/contrasting color. N21 explored more ambiguity and eroticism with their line, as Alessandro dressed men in sheer cable knits, plunging scoop necks and lace shirts using mariner motifs.

Because we love Gemma Chan

For the Critics Choice Award, Gemma Chan (who normally goes very safe in her outfit ensembles) decided to go for a particularly dramatic dress. The dress she wore featured shorts and pockets - with miles and miles of a full skirt. Custom made by Jason Wu, this dress was trying to accomplish modern romance. The best part was Crazy Rich Asians took best comedy at the award show.

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